Advent 4×4

Journey off-road.

These 4 locations accompanied by the 4 suggested devotionals give you the opportunity to approach Advent in a different way and hopefully discover new depths of insight into living a life of love, surrender, mission and generosity. During the 4 weeks of Advent we’d encourage you to plan trips to these four locations/scenes, or if that’s not possible then you can use the video resource to help set the scene. Pack a notebook and a friend for the journey!

Let us know if you’re going to try and explore this journey using the form below – we’ll keep you updated with fellow practitioners around the world! Download a4 Resource guide here.

    With Elevation Comes Perspective

    The hillside is one of the UK’s classic Christmas card scenes. It just so happened that the one we found had sheep there as well! You may not live anywhere near a hillside, let alone one with sheep on, but your first challenge in December is to try find a place that gives you some peace and perspective.


    With Flame Comes Warmth

    It doesn’t take much for members of the Infinitum team to find and use a Firepit. Lighting a fire is an elemental moment and creates both a fascination and a focus: if you have the opportunity to light one this Advent then seize the chance. Fire connects us to specific Biblical passages, people and places. Just lighting one helps us to encounter and imagine that scene in a much more visceral way.


    With Journey Comes Discovery

    Travel Hubs are places of both dreams and drudgery. Some people are about to undertake exciting journeys, ones they’ve anticipated, and look forward to for weeks: other people are at the start or end of a “commute” – the journeys they could make in their sleep.


    With Receiving Comes Giving

    A shopping centre at Christmas time is full of hustle and bustle. People rushing in and out, holiday decorations everywhere, and a surge of shopping for everyone on your list. Some are stressed, some are full of desires for the items on shelves, some are feeling inadequate to afford the perfect gift, and others are giddy with excitement about what they have picked up for a loved one.