Advent 2020

Christmas in 3 Acts: Tragedy, Comedy and Fairytale

In this Advent Infinitum Series, we will be using the theme of Tragedy, Comedy and Fairytale. They will act as doorways into a deeper understanding of surrender, generosity and mission. Follow along the YouVersion Bible App reading plan co-created by Infinitum, and watch the meeting house teaching series every Sunday until Christmas. Go to for the Christmas in 3 acts prayer guide.

Tragedy Surrender

Comedy Generosity

Fairytale Mission

YouVersion Bible reading plan

The YouVersion plan is a great way to journey through Advent. It includes passages and reflections on the the acts and three postures of Infinitum. We recommend you share this journey with others through the App.

YouVersion Plan

Meeting House Teaching

Join in with the teaching on each of these themes during this Advent series. Sessions start from December 6th through to Christmas.

Watch Teaching

World Vision Prayer Guide

This prayer guide is for you to use and to share with others as a way of focusing, in the midst of the chaos, on the One who really matters. Jesus. It follows through the 3 acts and provides helpful activities, questions and prayers to journey in depth.

Prayer Guide

Honest Advent – Scott the Painter

This series is illustrated and collaborated with Scott Erickson, featuring his new book Honest Advent. Honest Advent creates a space for you to encounter the Incarnate Christ in unexpected places: like a pregnancy announcement in an era of political unrest and empirical bloodshed, the morning sickness of a Middle Eastern teenager, and the shocking biology of birth that goes far beyond the sanitized brand of Christmas as we know it. Use the link to order your copy.