The Infinitum app

We’re so pleased to share our new Infinitum App. We wanted to find a way to help people connect daily with the Infinitum life, and provide members with quick and easy access to all of our resources. Scroll below to find out more about some of the app features.

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Infinitum Resources

The app provides instant access to our library of resources. Our content is updated frequently, and is written or suggested by members of the infinitum community. Each article, video or set of questions has a particular focus on either the vision, virtues or vows of Infinitum life.

Daily Resources

Infinitum is a way of life, and because of this, it’s something we need to connect with daily. Our daily resources can appear as notifications on your home screen, highlighting either a bible verse, question, quote or challenge to reflect on during your day. We’ve also added an easy function for saving the resource to your camera roll and sharing on social media. To connect globally, use the #infinitumlife


We’ve incorporated into the app the most essential content for running a Hub to give easy access to members both online and offline. The framework provides a simple structure for running a Hub session, and the questions help to guide the conversation. A really useful tool for getting started with Infinitum life.

Download the app

So what are you waiting for? Our app is available across the world on the app store.

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