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Infinitum was started in 2015 by a group of friends who wanted to explore what it really means to follow Jesus in our daily lives. Since then, it’s spread around the world to over 30 different countries with many communities practicing the Infinitum postures and rhythms.  It never has been, and never intends to be, an organisation – but instead a global community of practice committed to following Jesus more deeply and more authentically.

The development and work that has gone into Infinitum so far has been privately funded by a few individuals and also supported by volunteer time and energy. As Infinitum continues to grow, we wanted to provide an opportunity for others to contribute as a one off payment, or to become a backer by regularly supporting the work of Infinitum to help make it available to more and more people. We’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts and practices, and we’d love to connect you with others around the world passionate about seeing discipleship grow around our world.

Future Developments

Developing the Infinitum 2.0 App
Translating resources into different languages

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