Daily Prayer



I choose to hold up my hands as a symbol of surrender. My life is not about me.


I surrender to your Lordship.


I surrender my preferences, prejudices and position to you.


My fears, finances, friends and family to you.




I choose to hold out my hands as a symbol of generosity.


What I have is not mine.


I am only a steward of all that you have given me.


I want to mirror the way that you opened your hand to us and lavished your love and life upon us.


I want to live an open handed life in a closed fist culture.




I choose to hold my hands forward as a symbol of mission.


I want to live for something greater than me, I want to embrace your kingdom mission. 

I want to embrace and welcome your mission. 

To the lost, last, least and lonely.


To the poor, powerless, privileged and persecuted.