1. Follow Jesus

Who are you following? We have one vision in Infinitum and that’s following Jesus. We believe this should be the central investment and focus of our lives. This isn’t just about believing in Jesus, it’s about making a commitment to follow Him in our everyday ordinary life.

2. Love God and love others

To live like Jesus in the world, looks like love. We often overcomplicate discipleship, when actually Jesus told us it simply looks like loving God and loving others. These virtues underpin everything we do.

3. Live surrender, generosity and mission 

We call these postures, as they require a serious commitment to see them lived out in our everyday. They help refine our character, inform our holy ambitions and vocations, and direct our daily decisions. 

Surrender: This is the ultimate posture of a disciple. It is a person surrendered to the Lordship of Christ.

 Generosity: This is all about open-handed living in a closed fist culture. 

 Mission: Discipleship that is meaningful and intentional in our everyday world

4. Find someone to journey with

Infinitum Life can only be lived in communities and never truly experienced as an individual. Discipleship at its best is always a ‘team sport’. We call these communities Hubs, which exist to provide support, accountability and a creative context to explore this Way of Life. Hubs range from two believers in a prayer covenant, up to and including local churches – they are communities committed to living life intentionally through the lens of the three Postures. So one of the first steps is to find someone to start this journey with – there’s a helpful guide below for doing this.

How do I start a HUB?

5. Practice Infinitum Rhythm together

We’ve developed a daily, weekly and monthly rhythm which is constantly developing.  Head over to the Rhythm section of the website to find out more details. 

6. Let’s try this out together

Infinitum is practiced by thousands across 30 different countries. Let us know you’ve started this practice so we can stay in touch and keep you connected with the wider Infinitum community. Once you’ve got your HUB together, let us know so we can keep you connected with others!