Infinitum isn’t something you join it’s something you practice.

Over the past few years we’ve been journeying together and exploring what the rhythm (routines) of a boundless life look like. We’ve filtered this down to a daily, weekly and monthly practice. As you explore these rhythms, we hope that you journey in depth and love.

Daily Prayer

The Daily Prayer is a way of centring yourself at the start, end or middle of the day. We’ve found these simple hand postures transformative in the way we view each day and the opportunities or challenges presented. This is a foundational practice that is simple to do and easy to share. We’ve heard of people practicing the posture in homes, offices, trains and even planes!

Weekly Questions

Jesus asked 307 questions, was asked 183 and only answered 3. Questions are a big part of the discipleship journey. That’s why once a week we gather in our HUBS (use the link to find out more) to ask one another questions of depth and grace. These are safe spaces for honesty and accountability together, and space to reminder ourselves that discipleship is always a team sport.

Monthly Challenge

There are thousands of people around the world practicing Infinitum and we wanted to find a way that enabled people to share the journey together across cultures and continents. We’ve found that challenges are the best way to do that; helping to push us deeper in practice and commitment to following Jesus. These are shared through email, online and through the App once a month.