Generosity questions

Following Carla Evan’s Article in December, we produced some follow up questions to discuss together in our Hubs, focusing on the challenging vow of generosity.

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  • Kris Potter

    it seems that Matthew 10:39 is a verse we dodge…. it seems counter-intuitive to our liking- it makes us wonder what, how, who and how much,.. and eventually how come? didn’t life come to me when I accepted Jesus… lose my life, are you kidding me, i just found it?! these pondering concepts take to me in many different directions.. this doesn’t ‘feel’ like so many of the kingdom concepts the church has been sending to me for decades…. and there is an increasing theme in too many seeker-church messages telling us that life gets better as it goes along, and this is not always so. the message Jesus tells is that Heaven is ‘liken’ unto certain things,.. and that in order to elevate we must separate,.. in order to receive we must give, and in order to live..we must die.
    in the following verses to Matthew 10:39, the word ‘welcome’ appears quite a few times…. it appears that Jesus is telling us that along with dying to self must come a welcoming spirit, and that there is something else coming our way as we employ the gifts of self denial and kingdom essentials….
    i find this to be an incredible access point for grace( eph 2:8&9) that is both received and given away simultaneously.
    this dualistic concept requires the dismissal of most/many/all of our preconceived preached messages that we are to receive the grace of God and every thing else Jesus-Kingdom-Heaven has to offer with very little response from us… this thinking/way/idea leads us into turmoil and confusion as followers attempt to ‘follow’ in the ways of the Savior… life>death, get>give, accept>release, blessing>generosity…
    i hope/strive/pray for strength to know how to separate my fleshly-trained ways will be a continual flow of grace that bubbles outward from me, not just ‘to’ me. grant it Lord I pray.

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