Welcoming Prayer

Carla Evans shares this helpful practice of surrender that can be practiced at any time in everyday life. It’s one that acknowledges painful emotions rather than avoiding them, and then brings them into the presence and light of Christ.

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  • Jo Marsden
    Jo Marsden
    August 7, 2016

    A beautiful way to start each day. I thank God for how He’s worked in my life through danielle teaching at new wine last week.

  • Andrew Middleton

    I will try the Welcoming Prayer tomorrow morning. I looks good. Just one thing that puzzles me a bit though, If infinitum (Latin) really does mean “boundless”, then why use a word which will always need translating to many people? Surely calling the site “Boundless Life” would be more instantly understood? I should mention that I went a Roman catholic all boys school in Hobart Tasmania for 11 years, including 3 years of compulsary Latin classes, and I can’t remember ever hearing the word “infinitum”.

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